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Welding Equipments

Wire Cutters

  • A favorable arc start can be obtained by cutting off the bead that forms at the tip of the wire.
  • A type that uses leverage to push and cut the wire, it cuts wire after the air pipe is connected.
  • The cutter blade is made of highly durable material, which makes over 40,000 cuts per side. (Either the front or back of the cutter blade can be used.)
  1. The number of cuts is based on our test data obtained under certain conditions. As such, it is not a guarantee, because the number of cuts can vary with the environment where the unit is used.
  2. TKC-B1 is a compact version of TKC-A2, which can be used in a smaller space.
  3. TKC-B1 is not equipped with a trash box to receive the ends of wire that have been cut off.
  4. A solenoid valve is optional equipment.

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