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Welding Equipments

Welding Studs

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  • Boiler-tube-stud-KKS
    Boiler tube stud KKS
  • Concave-boiler-stud-KHS
    Concave boiler stud KHS
  • Drawn-arc-threaded-stud-with-reduced-shaft-RD-Duo
    Drawn arc bi-metallic threaded stud PD Duo
  • Drawn-arc-collar-stud-KKRB
    Drawn arc collar stud KKRB
  • Drawn-arc-slotted-stud-with-thread-KKST-G
    Drawn arc slotted stud with thread KKST/G
  • Drawn-arc-threaded-stud-with-reduced-shaft-RD-Duo
    Drawn arc threaded stud with reduced shaft RD Duo
  • Faserfix-stud-KFF
    Faserfix stud KFF
  • Flanged-stud-with-internal-thread-and-ignition-IT
    Flanged stud with internal thread and ignition IT
  • Insulation-pin-KIS-and-KISM
    Insulation pin KIS and KISM
  • Rectangular-stud-KFS-A
    Rectangular stud KFS/A
  • Rectangular-stud-KFS-B
    Rectangular stud KFS/B
  • Refractory-Y-anchor,-reduced-KWA-R
    Refractory Y-anchor, reduced KWA/R